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Apologies to All of the members of our 2020 class. When the weather turned bad, a lot of you never had the chance to learn to fly, yourselves, and we're glad to make it up to you, albeit one year late. And glad to hear that student John Blackwell should be out of the wheelchair after his 3rd surgery. Swear, that dry rot in the harness didn't look that bad! We've tried to replace as much as possible, but due to half of the staff having contracted the COVID virus, we're having problems keeping up with the lousy maintenence on everything. Wings are a real mess too. Starting to come apart at the seams, but the extra-strength duck tape holds for a little while!
We NEVER give your money back! It's in the freakin' contract. In case of Rain Out, You'll only get vague promises of "work something out" from us. Come to the California Ranch for a package deal including Air Fare and Travel expenses of around $5,000 Bucks!! EACH! Ok, so the Judge made us pay, but that was just because we were lying crooks!

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My Bat-Rastard brother, Jerry, WAS Sheriff of Benton County until August 3, 2021. Then he was recalled by the voters. Tossed out on his ass! Said that he was a bully and a tyrant! Mon dieu! Dee-Vorce ain't going well either. Monica's lawyers kicking his ass!
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